Of origin of soybeans, it's good, from design and development of utilized soybean milk and tofu production machine to a tofu production direct sale store produce.

Soybean Washer SW-1・SW-2

Soybean Washer SW-1・SW-2
This machine can use for washing in water of soy bean, removing the stick of the earth and sand, removing the bacteria, and transportation of a raw materials or soaked beans.
■Flushes one soy bean 1 by the excellent turning flow.
■This machine extremely washes off sticking bacteria, dirt neatly.
■Divides a stone, sand, soil automatically and can remove it easily.
■Transport to an appointed place in the case of either dry beans or soaked beands while washing in water.
■Skin of a soy bean does not peel off; is not broken.