Of origin of soybeans, it's good, from design and development of utilized soybean milk and tofu production machine to a tofu production direct sale store produce.

Plant Based Milk (No.2 cashew nuts and oats)

Thank you for your inquiries about Plant Based Milk!



We have some reactions from the last post about almond milk. 



So we decided to try other kinds of nuts; cashew nuts and oats.




Let's see the flow.


【Oat Milk】

Soak oats in the water


(left: soaked oat, right: dry oat)




Grind soaked oats, and separate into milk and fibers.


It came out without any problems. We made it!





Some starchy paste left on the screw.


The paste and the fibers which came out after extracting might be able to used for icecream, coockies, or muffins instead of Animal Based Milk.




Plant Based Milk (No.1 : Almond Milk)

These days, we have been recieving some inquires about "Plant Based Milk" like almond, oat, cashew nuts, and rice.


People have been caring what they eat and trying to be healthier.


Plant Based Milk is one of the options for the health-consious to take in their lives.



Then we had a test running to see if our soymilk-making machine "SOYMILKUN" can sqeeze almonds instead of soybeans.



Let's see the flow.

①Soak almonds in water

②Grind soaked almonds with water, which becomes almond paste


③Squeeze the almond paste into milk and fibers

※In this case of squeezing nuts, it doesnt have to be boiled.






We all staffs tried it and found the clear and rich almond flavor.


That means we made it!


If you have interests, please don't hesitate to contact us!

First SOYMILKUN in Taiwan!

The first SOYMILKUN was installed in HONKIYA in Taiwan.


The shop, HONKIYA produces soymilk, tofu, and soymilk-icecream.



Click here for website.







Variety of products and a stylish design of botles are quite attractvive for customers.


But the most attractive is quality of soymilk.


They produce fresh soymilk with SOIMILKUN in the kitchen right behind the reception.


You can smell freash and rich soy flavor.