Company - LANDS WORK
Of origin of soybeans, it's good, from design and development of utilized soybean milk and tofu production machine to a tofu production direct sale store produce.


Thing to aim at of LANDSWORK “links the world through appetite”
It lasted for half a century, and we LANDSWORK devoted ourselves to development of soy bean processing technique since the establishment of a business.
Besides, as for us, produce of a tofu production direct sale store presents a business bottling such as soy bean milk from design development of a tofu production machine widely in order to answer a demand of a visitor in various fields.
In addition, from a point of view said to spread a soy bean processed food in our world, a client has it is wide, and U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Spain visitor of various countries in the world favor each Asian country from the start.

Health of world children carrying the future.
We think that it is it from the safe, positive eating habits.
And we want to contribute to development of food culture as basics idea linking “the world through appetite” for further expansion of a soy bean product exposed to global attention.

We LANDSWORK is important for a feeling of thankfulness above all, and make use of our rich experience and flexible footwork ; further ; make an effort.


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