Of origin of soybeans, it's good, from design and development of utilized soybean milk and tofu production machine to a tofu production direct sale store produce.

FOOD JOURNAL in June "Soymilk Plant with CIP System JT-100"

 Our machice "Soymilk Plant with CIP system JT-100" was showed to the audience for the first time 



at "SOYMEX in 2018" in April in Tokyo.






■even small but can be full auto-cleaned

■best unit of our products

■world technology matches needs of customers

Mr. takahashi, CEO of Landswork corp., who developed this machine said,

”It is probably the first one with CIP system (auto-cleaning system) in this industry.

The business efficiency and saving labor are required in small and medium enterprises because of labor shortage.

To solve this problem, it seemed urgent to develop a machine with CIP system (auto-cleaning system)."


                                (quoted from FOOD JOURNAL in June)



FOOD JOURNAL in MAY ~Exihibition in Shanghai CHINA 



At China International Exhibition for Soyfood Processing Technology and Equipment 2018,

Mr. Tang took part in a seminer about Tofu and gave alecture about producing filling Tofu or soymilk pudding in Japan.



He was also in charge of an interpreter for Mr.Yasujima, CEO of Yasujima Corp.



The article about that is now running in FOOD JOURNAL in May.






SOIMILUKUN was installed in Hawaii!!


SOIMILKUN has been installed into a shop in Market City Shopping Center, Hawaii Honolulu.



Let us give you more information soon!