Of origin of soybeans, it's good, from design and development of utilized soybean milk and tofu production machine to a tofu production direct sale store produce.


In spring, 2016,



In Denver America, there is a Japanese restaurant “Sushi-Den” which is 31 years old.


The restaurant use our machine “SOY MILKUN”.




 There are 3 restaurants “Sushi-Den”, “IZAKAYA Den”, and “OTOTO” in one building.





"Sushi-Den" has offered a top-grade Japanese cuisine (especially sushi) in the United States for over 30 years.





 "IZAKAYA Den" offers the Japanese cuisine featured with the one from all over the world.





"OTOTO" is a Japanese Yakitori style restaurant.






This is the machine “SOY MILKUN” supplied into the restaurant. 







TESCOM Fair in AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary

 TESCOM Fair in  AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary Has Begun!!!

until March 11th


 Have you ever tried TESCOM dryer?

The brand “Nobby by TESCOM” comes from Nobby which has No.1 market share in beauty market.

Have you ever felt frustration to choose the one from plenty of dryers?

Now you choose TESCOM dryer which can make your hair healthy and beautiful easily.

When you are busy in the morning, you’ll be surprised to get beautiful hair in a short time!!

Once you use the product, you can’t loving it!


During this fair, you can actually try the products.

Feel free to visit us! 

You can try them at Japan Beauty Plaza as well.










AEON MALL Bình Dương Canary

Số 01 Đại lộ Bình Dương, Khu phố Bình Giao,, Phường Thuận Giao, Thuận Giao, Thị xã Thuận An, Bình Dương, Vietnam 01 Đại lộ Bình Dương, Khu phố Bình Giao,,



Speech making

"Tofu Production Process and Tofu Making Machine



I've got an opotunity to have a speech about tofu production process and machines for making tofu in Nagoya.

I also talk about how the interest of tofu all of the world is, problems of tofu industry to be solved.




I was honored to talk about tofu which is my major field in front of a lot people. 

It was a great oppotunity to see the audiences got inetrested in tofu.

I really appreciated students' warm feedbacks, which made me feel the bright future of tofu industry. "